I Phone Seven - The Mysterious Voice

(Movie Project / Preproduction)

I phone seven ... is a little mystery story,
of a little human in love with the number 7 and with a very special gift.

whenever he dials 7 on his phone, he gets in touch with a mystic voice, that advices him on his questions, his problems and his dreams ...

So whenever the young little human needs an answer, he finds help from the mysterious voice on the line ...

... until one day, when the voice poses a question to the little human and all of life suddenly changes ...

the little human sets out on a wonderful, fantastic journey to find the one answer ...

[to be continued]

(c) 2007 - 2018 by Detlev Eller
All rights reserverd.
"The calling. The magic number 7.
I call on seven all day long.
The seventh art."
Established 2007.