„Productive“ productivity app for iphone

I have just started using the productivity app with the great name "Productive".

It’s branded as a habit tracker. But it serves perfectly well as a goal setting and monitoring device.

Check out the link on the right to get the app. it has a free 7 day trial period.

Of course, as ambitious as i am and against common wisdom, I have added about 30 daily routines or habits that I wish I would have in my life and that i want "follow through" on a regular basis, most of them are daily, some bi-weekly.

Keeping track of all of these in the app helps to use focus on the important tasks of the day. I don't have to keep everything in my mind and feel overwhelmed. It is set and the only thing left to think off is to check the app regularly.

It is a great tool and assistant to keep doing what's important to us and helps shaping our thoughts and practice around the activities we have chosen to implement into our lives - but somehow don't.

Some may think, procrastination is the root of all evil. A "procrastinator attitude" may have all sorts of root causes.
For some it´s plain laziness. In my case, it is overwhelm. I push many things constantly forward, to help with my current focus. However, the end result is the same. Here we go, i think this app has already helped me overcome that strategy in the first day.

Beware of wrong ideas! Explore and test for yourself!

Generally proclaimed habit forming wisdom promotes forming one habit over a period of 30 days to be the one in only way. I have always found that idea to be weak and confusing. Changing habits to change a lifestyle come in clusters. It´s all about the will to change. Everything can change any time. Same goes for habits.

Now, here is my first day with this new app. I have to say, I have done more today than in the last two weeks. That may not be mathematically correct, since I didn’t track anything - but it certainly is how it feels!

So, I am really happy with the ways of using this app. I would say, it is causing a significant, palpable mind shift.

What I like most, is the sort of structure married with flexibility that is build in.
Each habit can be set in each owns rhythm. This is up along my alley.

A given habit can be set to repeat daily, any given day of the week, weekly or monthly.

The app divides the day into three periods morning, afternoon, and evening.
ToDos can be placed in one of these three slots or in a fourth slot called „anytime“.

There is also a way to rearrange the order of the individual items which helps in prioritising.

Maybe I’m using the app in a different way than it was intended, but it is lending itself to be a wonderful repetitive task management tool available.

I’m happy and I’m highly recommending this app.
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I call on seven all day long.
The seventh art."
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