getting a new phone for vlogging

The craze is over. i feel ready to finally get the "magic phone". it is late 2017. December actually.

This is going to be my vlogging camera. my main daily magic device. this is my art. the vlog. the video. the audio. making music. fetching snippets. a piece of art. every day. that´s the desire. the plan. the ambition. the routine.

let´s assume failing it is no option, what would it be? how could it look. we shall see.

I´m calling on seven. i stick to it. not calling eight. not x. i stick to seven. the magic art.
"i phone seven" all day long. this is my monologue.

I figured, i go for the max memory option. i want to record many clips. i want to float around on earth. capture moments. craft the story of the day. in the moment? yes. in editing? yes. Editing on the phone? maybe.

Seven is the magic number, the magic art.

i phone seven. that was the magic thought 10 years ago.

it is about time to let it live.



P.S. not having the device in my hand yet. plan on getting it in the next or other week.

Berlin, Sunday December 10, 2017

"The calling. The magic number 7.
I call on seven all day long.
The seventh art."
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